Interview with Lisa Marie Rogali

What brought you to opera?

“When I started, I got a Music Ed degree. I started on clarinet at Penn State. The opera department took me under their wing, said I had pipes, and I could make a living at it. And I took this career path and did grad school at the Cincinnati Conservatory for Music Performance. I auditioned for programs, which led me to the Minnesota Opera.”

What do you like about the Argento?

“He’s really good at, well, he’s great at writing for singers. Cary just told me he (Argento) wrote this for his wife. It’s tonal but bizarre. It’s still pleasing to the ears. I like how he sets the text. It’s fun to sing.”

What’s your favorite work and why?

“My dream role is Violetta from “La Traviata.” She such a powerhouse, and she is so giving but feisty and fun to play and so tragic. She encompasses everything great in opera. I just love the music. It’s so beautiful, so beautiful.”

How has your time been in the Twin Cities?

It’s been great. I’ve been here for a year now. I live downtown. I love the food. It’s very scenic. I can also tell people I’ve lived through the worst winter ever. I love what the Minnesota Opera has done for me. They really took me under their wing.”

Catch Lisa Marie Rogali’s performance this Sunday, October 27 at 3:00 at Minneapolis Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd at this free event.