Covid 19 Policy

Dear Members,

As we approach our return to rehearsals on September 14th, we must all be aware of the risks we face in this challenging time of Covid 19. Please review the following protocols recently adopted by the COM Board of Directors.

  • All musicians participating in COM rehearsals and concerts must be fully vaccinated. COM will not require members to present proof of vaccination. This will be a matter of trust between all COM members; if we are making music together you agree to be vaccinated.

  • Masks are always required while in the Lutheran Church Of The Good Shepherd for non-winds and for winds when tacet.


As we return to playing together in September, we plan to allow for some physical distancing in the rehearsal room, especially as it pertains to wind players. However, given the size of the room and the fact that all players will be vaccinated, we will not need to have six feet between all musicians in all sections.


Players should not attend COM rehearsals if they are ill. If you have been exposed to someone who has

Covid-19, please inform your section leader or the Music Director and stay home until such time as you can return to rehearsal healthy and safe.


We want everyone to be as safe as possible as we return to rehearsals.  We are aware one size does not

fit all, and we recognize some members may need more time to feel comfortable about returning to group music making. In the next few weeks, if you have questions or need clarification regarding our restart plan, please reach out to your section leader or a board member.


We all want to get back to making music together, however, we live in uncertain times.  The COM Board recognizes that we will have to make changes to these requirements as dictated by the prevailing public health situation in our community. Hope to see you soon.



Thank You,

Board of Directors

Civic Orchestra of Minneapolis


The links below may help answer some of your questions:

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