Welcome to our 69th Season!
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Founded in 1952, the Civic Orchestra of Minneapolis is the oldest community orchestra in Minneapolis.
The orchestra was formed by a group of professional and amateur musicians out of the love of music

and a passionate desire to play music and share it with the community. That spirit continues to this day. All musicians donate their time and talents to the orchestra.


The Civic plays the standard orchestral repertoire from all eras as well as rarely performed or neglected works in the repertoire. The orchestra is also nationally known for its continued commitment to music

of our time.


​We plan on opening our 2021-2022 concert season on November 7th with a program of the ever-inspirational Beethoven Third Symphony and a new vibrant, exciting work by the renowned Mexican composer, Arturo Marquez. The orchestra will also play a commissioned work, Angelus by William McGlaughlin. The piece, commissioned by the orchestra, is a remembrance of the souls lost on 9/11.


On Sunday December 12 we will be making our inaugural appearance at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum as part of the Winter Lights 2021 Festival. The orchestra will perform music of Dvorak, a

composer known for his evocative expression of landscape. A string quartet will perform movements

of the American Quartet, written during a summer visit to Spillvile, Iowa along with the full orchestra playing the exuberant Symphony no. 8.


Please take a look at our full 2021-2022 season of activities on our Concerts Page.


Cary John Franklin

Music Director